Friday, December 31, 2010

happy end of the year.. =D

selama tahun 2010 berlangsung..ape pencapaian terbaik kita?

for me..i think i've achieve nothing..haha..
klau ade achievement pun..terlalu kecil untuk dikira sbg pencapaian terbaik..
so..please nice to..i need something to make me feel good..
to make fell like i'm the most wanted person in the world..hahaha
*ok2..merepek gila*

if in the past..u hate someone..lets forgive and forget..
if in the past..u fail in the exam..lets do better..and study smart..
if in the past..u've done something wrong..lets ask for forgiveness..
if in the past..u shop like u have alot of money..lets spend the money wisely..

open the new book..close the old one..
forget all the sorrow..look ahead and never look back..
love the one you hate..but dont hate the one you love..
be a better "hamba Allah" Maher Zain said..'dont despair and never lose hope, cause Allah is always by ur side..insyaAllah' =)

what is your new year resolution?
mine..i'll try my best to stop complaining..hahahahahaha..
i'm not perfect..why should i complain..kan?

to all my friends.. i'm wishing you "selamat tahun baru" and "berjimat cermatlah" <<<owh..this one is for me.. hehe

Thursday, December 23, 2010

hello malaysia !

walaupun ni hari yg ke 2 aku kat rumah..tapi still i would like to welcome myself to malaysia..
hahahahahaha.. pathetic gila !

ok2..first day was nothing really except that aku perlu membungkus 6 kotak hadiah dan 4 hamper..
untuk ape? haha.. tu lain cite.. (:

2nd day..which is today.. hang out with besties from primary school..
lamaaaaaaa gila x jumpe.. miss u girls soooo much.. =D
lepak kat east coast mall.. impress seketika.. dah banyak kedai baru bukak..
rase kuantan cam best pulak.. haha..mmg la.. kuantan tu rumah aku kot !
ketinggalan pulak rase nye.. haha..
we had a longgggg gossip.. tapi still x puas hati..sbb x dapat lepak tepi pantai dgn korg..
klau dpt lepak kat TC..sure gossip kite makin panjang..nasib baik harini hujan..haha
and my western food day.. lunch : chicken chop and dinner : sirloin steak..
rambut dah start tukar kaler blonde dah.. kaki makin panjang.. kulit dah ade freckles.. hahahahaha

:: kenape aku xde..sbb aku tukang amik gambar..huhu ::

Monday, December 20, 2010

buang masa

esok hari selasa..
esok sy akan balik malaysia..
esok ade exam integrasi dua..
esok mama papa akan menanti di KLIA sana..

harini hari isnin..
harini kepala sy pening..
harini sy tido guling-guling..
harini sy malas belajar mcm exam esok tu x penting..

esok..mati la saya.. ='(

Monday, December 13, 2010

miss my old life so much..

its been..forever since my last post.. i miss my lame boring blog.. =))

long story short :

28 nov : my own program !! mini seminar quilling..hey..skarang i dah jadi project manager ok ! but the disaster one.. sumpah pening handle program.. but at least i think i did it.. no so well..but not too horrible..thanx to all my friend and seniors yg datang that day.. more than i expected.. thank you sooo much.. =D

1-4 dec : tan sri muhyiddin charity golf (TSMCG).. i was selected as one of the volunteer.. i guess i was lucky.. TPM tu oii.. haha..around all the other datuk datin.. its quite fun.. sbb dpt makan makanan sedap lagi mahal..amik je ape nak..sume die bayar..maunye x seronok..

3 dec : TSMCG gala dinner..or we call it E-NIGHT.. kat hotel ritz was freaking as quite busy and didnt really hv the chance to taste all the chinese cuisine that come the best part.. i bumped into my EX BOYFRIEND.. well..we didnt really bumped into each other.. hard to explain..but the thing is.. my expression.. "eh !"..tu je..haha..blushing seketika..its been 5 years..i grew up so did he..but i cant help it.. he's too handsome..and my housemateasked me.."kenape korg clash?" one's just happened..i guess..xde jodoh..nk buat cmne..but i'm happy to see you least i know we still can be friend..sbb kite kan jiran..hahaha

9 dec : this is the worst part of my life.. exam integrasi 1..i didnt realy hv the time to study..thanx to all the work load.. dah la modul kali ni..susah macam tuuuttt i know i cant afford to read the whole module..i just pray to God that i will stay alive after the that i can do better for the next exam..haish..dont wanna think about it..

11 dec : Malaysian Festival '10 (mafest).. suddenly.. i become head of bereau.. eh2..suke2 kau je nak lantik aku camtu.. truthfully.. i cant take all the pressure.. i woke up in the morning with all the burden on my shoulder..people would say "ala..ketua biro je pun..bukan presiden.."..yes..i know i'm not the president or what so ever..but when i decided to join this persatuan..i hope to learn something about leadership..step by step..not a giant step..ok2..enough wity my complaint.. haha..back to mafest..ok..i was supposed to handle about the performance that night.. just to make sure "the artists" were that the program that night run smoothly..thanx to all the akak2 & abang2 yg banyak menolong.. =D

13 dec (today) : ok..pleno.. i woke up happily this morning..1st bcoz i have no work load anymore..i dont have to call averyone to confirm bout this and that.. i dont have to type any proposal.. 2nd.. i'm not the kau la presenter..haha..aku nak duduk and tengok je kau present..haha..but unfortunately my group was called in front..and we have to present..and i hv my trust on our we go.. die present macam 2 hari x tido..mcm mengantuk gila !! mumbling tah kat belakang x dengar pun ape die ckp !! OMG !! rase nak baling je kasut time tu..bile dlm kelas..gebang bukan main..huh ! another thing..the girl who made the slideshow..amboi2..memandai2 je letak itu dan ini.. xpasal2 kene fire dengan most of the lecturers..malu seyh !! tu pun nak kena jentik sedas more mistakes..insyaAllah.. =)

15-21 dec : exam lagiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish me luck kawan2 ! i dont wanna make the same old mistake.. x mau SP lagi !! =(

21 dec : i seriously cant wait for this date..coz i'm going home !!!!!!! hey malaysia.. tunggu saya ok ! bye jakarta..i'll see u soon.. i mean very soon..sbb cuti sungguh sekejap..='(

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

macam lah kau bagus !


post ni aku tuju kat 2 org manusia.. yg aku jamin gile buh-bee x kan bace blog aku ni..haha

malam ni.. bertarikh 1 december 2010.. ada football match.. msia vs indo..
ok..i am malaysian who is currently staying in indonesia..
i love both country..but of coz i love my owh country more la kan..

orang pertama :
die seekor malaysian.. oppss.. seorang..haha..
die senior aku.. yg sungguh annoying.. only god knows how irritating he is..
bro..aku tahu la ko dah lame duk sini.. and i bet everybody already knows the fact that malaysian football team is.....a disaster..
xpenah menang pun mane2 match.. kalau menang pun.. kalau x nasib pun, sbb the other team kaki bangku..
tapiiiii... xperlu la kau post status fb..mengutuk2 malaysian team.. buat perabih beras la..ape la..
doh..aku yg x reti main bola dan x minat bola ni pun..kecik ati bace status ko tuh !
me as a malaysian..sedikit malu mempunyai teman senegara seperti kau !
kalau org indo bace status ko tu..mesti die kate ko ni x sayang negara sendiri.. malu la weh !
kite kan malaysian..sokong la team kite..aku sendiri pun rase team msia akan kalah..tapi aku xde la post status cm tu..bagi sume org tahu...
pray for the best la..
and..i seriously think you as a loser.. idk why..hahaha

orang kedua:
die org indo.. die penah jadi groupmate aku..
dan sekali lagi.. die juga irritating.. tahap rase nak tampor laju2 berkali2..
hah..yg sekor ni.. x abeh2 nak kata malaysia ni maling (pencuri)..
weh sengal..ko sedar x classmate and groupmate ko tu ramai malaysian..
jangan rase diri bagus yek.. dan ingat lah..kitorg..pernah dan banyak tolong kau..
aku sureeee gila esok die akan cakap pasal bola malam nih.. dan..bergembira atas kekalahan malaysia..

come on la weh..mane semangat kesukanan korg.. take it easy lah.. bola je pun..
ramai2 atas padang..kejar sebijik bola..g beli sebijik sorg la.. senang cite..xyah berebut..
aku pulak yg emo.. ye aku emo..emo bukan sebab bola.. tapi sebab peminat2 nye yg berpikiran irrasional when it comes to football match..  haish ~~