Monday, October 3, 2011

crappy crap crap

the group was made for educational purposes..
we ask question, we discuss about exam, we made survey, we share information..
tapi, some ppl use that group to post some crappy thing..
useless thing..i understand that you want to share with the member of the group..
tapi kan, i'm pretty sure we all have each other facebook..
just post it on your wall..all of us can see it..end of story..
just so you know, there are some ppl like me..
we see the notification.."hah, someone post something on the group, it must be important or at least useful.."
tapi bile tekan, " merepek2 rupanya.." and trust me, deep down inside my heart, i did cursed..little bit :)
dan..dan..bile anda2 post mende2 yang tiada faedahnya tu, mende2 yang penting, berguna..turun ke bawah..
xpasal2 kami2 ni perlu scroll ke bawah..and somentime missed it..
i didnt say that what you guys did was wrong, but its not the right place..
i've done that before, longgg time ago, i post some crappy funny video..just for fun..
but now, i promise i'll never do that again..

its just a reminder for us :)

*peace yaw!* ^__^